On Sunday in Austria after a four-month delay caused by a coronavirus pandemic, the start of the world championship “Formulas-1”. Shortened, perhaps, to the minimum eight races, the tournament leaves the teams and drivers chance to fix the bugs. This could take the leader of Red Bull Max Verstappen to prevent the first Mercedes Lewis Hamilton repeat “unique” record of Michael Schumacher, seven times became the champion of the world.The current world championship, it is possible, over time, will be remembered as “the same”. In the four months since, when it was announced that the Australia Grand Prix, traditionally the opening of the championship will not take place because of the coronavirus, a lot has changed. Now the world gets used to the sport without spectators. In the case of “Formula 1”, the hallmark of which was including the crowd of mechanics, journalists, guests of the teams, walking around the paddock, it looks no less depressing than the empty bleachers of football stadiums. The riders themselves say it’s more like training races. And yet the world gets used to what sport, how would the leaders of sports organizations insisted on the fact that he is out of politics, politics was involved.In the “Formula-1” pioneer was made by Lewis Hamilton, urging colleagues to kneel as a sign of support for the movement Black Lives Matter (BLM). Recall that the condition of the sixfold world champion is estimated at $0.5 billion Only salary in Mercedes is $40 million a year, and under the new contract (still expires at the end of the current season) the first ever black world champion, “Formula 1” I would like to get $50 million And he has ensured that Mercedes has abandoned the brand silver livery and repainted in black that safety cars there were “rainbow” (it has ten colors) coloring book that has made “the Formula-1” what it is, Bernie Ecclestone, doubt the absolute correctness of BLM, may be declared a persona non grata at the stages of Grand Prix.Hamilton, no doubt, will be a key figure and the actual sports component of the championship. The British six titles, seven will put it on par with the champion — Michael Schumacher. And if not for the coronavirus, doubt that the British will catch up with the Germans, almost would not be. Bookies William Hill they are not now. Betting on the championship Hamilton accepted with odds of 1.57 against 5.0 per max Verstappen and 8.0 Charles LeClair. But the model of bookmakers, apparently, provide that the championship will last at least 15-18 races. At this distance, the cost of failure in the race is not so high. And no doubt the fact that Mercedes is still the best car, no. That is all in favor of Hamilton. The problem is that no one knows how many stages will be held. While eight confirmed to the poleand stages (this is the minimum that the tournament was considered a world championship). In Spielberg in a week will be another step. Two races with a one week interval will the British Silverstone. Up to 6 September will be held the race in Hungary, Spain, Belgium and Italy. Then what, is unclear. Boss, “Formula 1” chase Kerry speaks about 15-18 races, but admits that he couldn’t promise anything, since the epidemiological situation in the world is rapidly changing. And the head of the team Renault Cyrille Abiteboul believes that outside the Old world championship will not be possible because there are doubts regarding the conduct of racing in North America, as well as in China and Russia (in Sochi, according to the old calendar it was scheduled for 27 September).In the meantime, drivers need to tune in to the sprint tournament. And there can be significant lag Verstappen from Hamilton in the quotes do not reflect reality. After all, Verstappen largely because the track configuration is more suited to Red Bull than the Mercedes, won the Competition in 2018 and 2019. Plus in terms of equipment, Red Bull, according to the most Verstappen, is well prepared. Last but not least, thanks to the improvements that Honda made to the power plant. So it is not surprising that the chances of Verstappen in the first race of the season by the bookies are evaluated on a par with Hamilton’s chance. And if we assume that the Dutchman will win both races in Spielberg, he gets a powerful margin of safety for short distances.As for Ferrari, delaying the start of the League clearly did not go in her favor. In may, the output was stated to Sebastian Vettel. His contract will not be renewed. According to four-time world champion, he didn’t even offer to start negotiations. That this season his last with Ferrari, he found out after a call to team boss Mattia Binotto. Motives Binotto, decided to hire instead of a Vettel season 2021 Carlos Sainz, was causing issues. But a couple of days before the race Binotto stated that his team went the wrong way, the machine has no speed and therefore it was decided to change the vector of development. In other words, Ferrari acknowledged that the failed project 2020, and realizing that time there is no fix, I decided to start with a clean slate.As for the Russian presence in the “Formula 1”, it remains the same. The only Russian regular pilot in the series remains Daniil Kvyat from Alfa Tauri (ex Toro Rosso). Miracles from him should not wait — level machine allows you to qualify for a place in the area of the top ten. However, the stable performance can help to return Kvyat in the Red Bull in a couple of max Verstappen.Alexander Petrov