The rumors after the summer break, don’t break. Suddenly, out of the red rocket of which were in the six races from Spa with six Pole positions and three Wins for the rivals.

In such cases, it is immediately speculated and the development lead behind asks. Of course, you give the two biggest rivals, Mercedes and Red Bull, to the outside world diplomatically. Bull Boss Christian Horner: “We note only that Ferrari on the Straight, at a stroke, around 50 HP more.”

Internally, it has asked the FIA to have a look in the Ferrari-engine (VIEW) reported. The was also, of course, Ferrari. And now Mattia Binotto (50) says in Italy. “But that’s to finally make a Protest!”

“accusations are stupid!”

the Lausanne-born team boss laughs: “In the case of an official prosecution, we could finally show how stupid your accusations are. And the rumors would soon disappear.”

But as long as the victories in Sochi, Japan, and Mexico in the case of Ferrari, the boxes will be given away with the wrong tactics to Mercedes, the evil conspiracies just something in the Background.

On Friday in Austin in the 19th century. World Cup round. Ferrari brings in Texas the 7. Poles in series?