Since 1991, the circus has without a break in this usually sleepy town. Now, once again, is in tough negotiations with the formula-1-owners. “Liberty would like to stay, but the fee is high!” VIEW heard yesterday from the premises of the organizer who has lost with Alonso will be a year-long flagship.

for as much as 20 million euros will cost the Show in 2020. A huge sum considering that the formula 1 in Monte Carlo drives practically for free!

Can cope with Barcelona this sum or to bargain down? Because of the slope, where for years the winter tests take place, is in urgent need of a General refurbishment. The pit building is outdated, it often has no power or broken cables.

“It would be a pity if we were to lose our Playground” Zehnder says Alfa-Sauber team Manager Beat. Because here all the Teams can move to the winter testing the first real car-comparisons with new Parts.

Montmelo – a track that offers everything a driver. Here, every Pilot (from the bottom of the series) knows every blade of Grass.

21 Times and has won in 28 races the Pole man. Record winner is to Be Schumi with six. Ferrari has won eight Times. Before Williams (6), McLaren and Mercedes (4) and Red Bull (3).

historically, the year 2016, with the start of a crash between Rosberg and Hamilton, the Mercedes-dispute began. And Max Verstappen in his first Red Bull use won.