Former Deputy Minister of defense, died after being run over by a van

the 84-year-old General was taken on Sunday in Institute Sklifosovsky, after his in the arch of a residential building was hit by hand over the back of the van. Early in the morning on March 2, Shuralev died.

the General will be buried at the Federal military memorial cemetery in Mytishchi near the grave of his wife. Date and time of funeral to be determined. It is worth noting that he was in the cemetery a few days ago – attended the funeral of the former Minister of defense of the USSR Marshal Dmitry Yazov, with whom he had the opportunity to work together.

Photo: Nikolay Akimov, Vladimir Zavyalov / TASS What was Marshal Dmitry Yazov

Shuralev in the period from 1990 until December 1991 he held the post of Deputy defense Minister – chief inspector of the Ministry of defence. After he was appointed head of the higher officer courses “Shot” by the name of Marshal Shaposhnikov. Since April 1992, the commander left in stock. After his discharge he worked as a senior analyst in the office of inspectors General of the defense Ministry.

Soviet military leader Vladimir Shuralev was born in 1935 in Kovrov in Vladimir region. In 1955 he was drafted into the Soviet army. He graduated from the Tashkent tank school in 1958. He commanded a tank platoon, a company in the Group of Soviet forces in Germany. In 1965 he graduated from the Military Academy of armored troops, in 1975, the Military Academy of the General staff. From February 1985 until 1990 he served as commander of the Belorussian military district.