“Forever young” mother of two children from the city of Pori, Finland, has revealed the secrets of her beauty and sexuality. Her words leads edition of the Daily Mail.

the 52-year-old Finca Paivikki Cuppacakes (Paivikki Kuoppakangas) argues that people often take her and 25-year-old daughter Hannah for the sisters. In addition, strangers often compliment her sexy appearance and ageless beauty.

Cuppacakes believes the key to its attraction passionate sex with her husband, with whom she had been married for 30 years. “I feel more beautiful, energetic and healthier than in my 20 and 30 years,” she said. Fink admits that in her youth she did not have to exert much effort to stay toned and healthy. She started to exercise soon after 40 years.

“When I was 40-odd years, I’ve set myself a goal. And in 50 years I achieved it: I got a press, a toned body and feel better than ever, she said. — If I did, it will turn out for you. But I would not have reached without the love and support of my family and friends.”

Fink believes that achieved the desired forms through high-intensity training (HIIT), which sped up her metabolism. She tries to visit the gym four to six times a week and every day goes a distance of ten thousand steps. She advised others who want to keep youth out of the comfort zone and stick to a balanced diet.

“Nutrition is 80 percent of success. Another secret of everlasting beauty — mobility, so pick the exercises that will give your body the endorphins. They also, according to studies, affect mental health,” concluded Cuppacakes.

Previously, “forever young” resident of Macau, which has four adult children, revealed the secrets of her everlasting beauty. She carefully cares for the skin, sports and watching diet. For the skin it uses lemon juice and a mask of avocado. Other parts of the body it moisturizes with coconut oil.