It was in april 1986 atomreaktor number four at the power plant in Chernobyl exploded.

It led to a large release of radioactivity, and a part was transported by weather and wind to other parts of Europe.

Since then there has been built a great hall over the destroyed reactor, and it has been created a zone of 2600 square kilometers around the power plant.

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Increased exposure

An unusually warm and dry winter has led to more forest fires have gotten in the Chernobyl zone.

FIGHTING AGAINST: the Smoke from the skogbrannene in Chernobyl contains more radiation than normal.


It is not uncommon with forest fires here, but they are bigger than they usually do.

– For the moment we can not say that the fire is under control, ” says Kateryna Pavlova who leads the state agency that monitors the zone of The New York Times.

Inside the zone is the radioactive pollution is unevenly distributed. In some places there is a high radiation exposure, in others it is less.

When NRK visited the area in the last year, showed måleapparater that the average radiation was about three times higher than what is common in nature.

Firefighters reported that the radiation now is up to 16 times higher than normal, because the grass, shrubs and trees that burns has drawn up radioactivity from the soil.

PROTECTED: A number of countries have joined together to build a hall over the destroyed reactor number four in Chernobyl. Now, there must be a danger that the skogbrannene can approach the former power plant, and it is created branngater in the surrounding area.

Photo: Jan Espen Kruse / NRK

According to the Ukrainian site there are now more than 300 brannfolk who fight against the flames. It is also set into 85 vehicles, three aircraft and three helicopters in the slukkingsarbeidet.

There will be danger of the fires spreading in the direction of the former power plant, and therefore, we are now creating branngater in the surrounding area.

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Have to evacuate the

Inside the Tsjernobylsonen live some hundred people who have refused to move from their home.

HARD POWER: the Ukrainian authorities admit that they do not have control over the fires inside the Chernobyl zone.


Now, they have been told to evacuate because of the danger of fire and radiation.

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Ukrainian authorities expect that the smoke from the Chernobyl-the fires are going to reach the capital city of Kiev, within a short time.

But it is underlined that the initial radioactivity in the smoke as is so thinned out that it does not represent any health hazard.