Foreigners increased its investments in Russian government bonds on the background of the pandemic

the national settlement Depository (NSD), part of the Moscow Exchange started publishing data on the share of investments of nonresidents in the Russian Federal loan bonds (OFZ).

As evidenced by the published data, the pandemic and panic in world markets has led to capital outflow from the Russian market of public debt, and Vice versa — increased the inflow of investments from abroad since the beginning of the year.

the Share of foreign investors in the Russian debt market grew by 17 March by 1 percentage point to 32.3%. This is one of the highest in recent years.

Since the beginning of 2019, the share of nonresidents in the OFZ segment has grown substantially. If January 1, it was 24.4%, and the absolute volume of investments was at the level of 1.79 trillion rubles., by the end of 2019, the share of foreigners in the OFZ reached 31.2%, or about 3 trillion rubles.

In 2019 investments of nonresidents in the OFZ market reached record highs thanks to improved external background and domestic monetary conditions, says Evgeny Koshelev, chief analyst at ROSBANK. The share of non-market debt of Russia during the last years to update records and reached 34.5 percent.