the Outbreak of the coronavirus has led to restrictions in a number of countries, but an american expert believes not, that the western authorities have been cash enough in their announcements.

We have now heard the message to ad nauseam: Stay at home!

the government – with prime minister Mette Frederiksen and even queen Margrethe of denmark in the lead – repeats again and again the importance of, that we avoid contact with each other and being on their own precincts during the coronakrisen.

the Only way we can avoid, that too many are being infected at the same time, and that hospitals can’t keep up with it, sounds it.

Yet we find it difficult to resist the temptation in the beautiful spring weather.

in recent days, there have been numerous examples of large groups of people who have enjoyed the sun around the lakes in Copenhagen and Amager Strandpark.

Also in abroad have struggled with the crowded parks and beaches.

But when the danes – just as, incidentally, also Italian, british and americans – find it so difficult to be at home during the coronakrisen, it’s not because they are selfish and do not care to infect others. It emphasizes a expert, as the tv station CNN has spoken with.

Nick Chater is professor of behavioural sciences at Warwick Business School.

He believes that the government and officials have been too vague in their direction, while they gradually closed down schools, restaurants, cinemas and the like and has prohibited larger gatherings.

this is Why people have become confused, he stresses.

“When people gently getting the council to do something, I don’t think you can consider them as totally unfair by the fact that they continue to do what they usually do anyway,” he says to the tv station.

Chater simply mean that the western leaders have been ‘very mixed’ in their communication.

“For the message, they get out of it, is simply that it is not all that important. For it was really important, so we would say it. We say not things like: ‘We advise you to stop for a red light. We advise you to run this side of the road.’ …We just say that it should you do. And if you do not, then you are breaking the law,” says Nick Chater.

the Governments of several western countries have been reluctant to take the drastic measures of a lockdown, as the chinese regime is used.

instead, it is the people in for example the united kingdom, Germany and Australia have been encouraged by their authorities to keep the distance, and the companies have been advised to let their employees work at home, if that is possible.