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Forbrukertilsynet have received many complaints, and several companies are fined.

the Complaints are directed against companies who are trying to make good money on the pandemic. Everything from heat pumps to the colostrum and vitamin C will prevent you in becoming infected by the koronaviruset, according to the ads.

CRITICAL: Frode Elton Haug, legal director of the Forbrukertilsynet.

Photo: Forbrukertilsynet

– Promotion is misleading, and gives the impression that one can stay healthy from koronavirus by using the product. The ads violates the prohibition of aggressive marketing. The population’s fear of being infected by koronaviruset be exploited, ” says Frode Elton Haug, legal director of the Forbrukertilsynet.

< p> “An extremely selling point”

Kinnan is one of the largest suppliers of heat pumps. From its head office in Kristiansand, they sell heat pumps to the whole country. In a letter to his business associates, they wrote that they had the world’s best antivirusmaskin.

In the newsletter that was sent out to a variety of retailers, encouraged Kinnan sales people to strike while the iron was hot:

So was the newsletter that the firm Kinnan sent out.

“the Global economy is in trouble. But someone is selling extremely on virusfrykten. Among other things, those who sell Antibac. Here we sit at an extremely selling point in these times! Nanoe-XBare to use!”

A seller complained about them in Forbrukertilsynet.

– We have added us totally deflated. We have not gone out to some consumers with this, and would rather not do it. It was only to dealers. We changed this the day after, when we realized that this was wrong, says managing director of Kinnan, Anders Jonasson.

– Played you on the fear to be sick of korona?

It was certainly not in our thoughts to play on fear to get sick of korona. It was recklessly and this was written very early, the same weekend as the corona began to come to Norway, ” says Jonasson.

He says they have been in dialogue with Forbrukertilsynet and they have laid out the case against them, since the newsletter was not aimed at consumers.

vitamin C against korona

Forbrukertilsynet look very seriously at the many cases. The latest case concerns the company Vitability, who recently got 250,000 in fee. Salgsinnlegg for indian pilgrims visit on Facebook and Instagram mentions koronavirus, and is tagged with the “korona”, “koronavirus” and “COVID19”. Forbrukertilsynet believe Vitability of their ads on the pages of the Altishop gives the impression that the turmeric and vitamin C may protect against koronaviruset.

Forbrukertilsynet has given Vitability a large fee.

” We have notified the three companies of an administrative fine for misleading and aggressive marketing. Common for the cases is that it gives the impression that the different indian pilgrims visit can protect people against koronaviruset. The fees are between 250.000 and 400.000 money, ” says Bunch.

Chairman of the board of Vitability, Truls Berg, sorry it has happened.

– This has not been done for profit or to play on fear, only help our 12.000 customers, but the link to the korona is obviously unfortunate. It was removed once we were made aware of it. No one should make money on the to connect products up against korona.

you can See that it can be perceived as umusikalsk?

Definitely. This is unfortunate and should have been avoided.

– do you Have documentation that their products can prevent to get sick of korona?

– No, koronaviruset is barely four months old and there is currently no one who has any cure-against this, unfortunately.

Berg seems the fee of 250,000 dollars to what he refers as a small and young gründerfirma is strictly.

Ethically questionable

Professor of marketing at Norges Handelshøgskole, Helge Thorbjørnsen, responds to several of the ads.

Helge Thorbjørnsen, professor of marketing at Norges Handelshøgskole.

Photo: Marit Hommedal

” I would characterize the ads as speculative. The population is ethically questionable. It is well documented that there can be promotional to play on fear. The greater the threat, the more fear and insecurity, your ad could awaken. Death is the as is well known, a major threat. Fear triggers a willingness to act, ” he says.

400,000 in fee

In a full-page ad in the Newspaper advertised it for immunproduktet ImmiFlex. Ad is characterized by large images of the virus. According to the ad ImmiFlex give you better protection and good immune system all year round.

Such was the ImmiFlex-ad from the company Emtiodirect, in Dagbladet print edition.

Forbrukertilsynet has charged the company a fee of 400,000, and has asked that the ad be stopped. The rationale is that the illustration is very similar to the pictures of koronaviruset both in design and the use of colours, and gives a clearly misleading impression. The audit characterizes the ad as aggressive because it also plays on parents ‘ fears for their children to be sick of koronaviruset.

We pulled the ad immediately. It was not our intention to play on the fear, rather to educate about what we know about the immuneffekter, Jan Johansen in Emtiodirect, who announced for the ImmiFlex.

– What do you think about the use of these images could?

– We let the us completely flat. The image should never have been used, and we have apologized.

Why was it used?

It was a miss from them as the driver of marketing.

Johansen claim that they have one of the world’s best immunprodukter, but it is not linked to the korona.

– We have never used virusbilder ads in the past, so I see that it was completely on the face.

– are you Going to pay the fee of 400,000 crowns?

– We are going to appeal, so the future view what will be the final. We accept that we have made a mistake, but seems the size of the fine was high.

Colostrum against the virus

it’s not with ImmiFlex, you can drink raw milk. In any case, if we are to believe an ad on Facebook.

Such was the Facebook ad before it was removed, when NRK contacted.

“Colostrum has 3 times as good protection against viruses than any other known substance. Colostrum fights viruses and will get you faster on the legs,” writes Bjørn Halvorsen in the ad on Facebook.

He has, according to the post, just finished today’s round of deliveries to many who are in korona-quarantine. Two bottles of raw milk costs 480 crowns. It is not how much it is in the bottles.

– you Can demonstrate that colostrum helps to become infected?

– I can take it away if it helps you, ” says Halvorsen.

– But do you have evidence that colostrum helps?

– It is unnecessary to start some discussion. It is only to look at the cow and that the colostrum is good for the.

– But this person who has submitted a complaint to mean what you write is misleading?

– Then I get well rather hear from the person instead of that it should come via the media. You are only keen to make the lookup. Thank you for calling, ” says Bjørn Halvorsen and put on.

Shortly after was the post about raw milk removed.

Professor of marketing, Helge Thorbjørnsen, believes the companies can get omdømmeproblemer.

– generally people are sceptical about companies that are perceived as “krigsprofitører”. This includes everything from companies that take excessive prices for antibac and disposable gloves to companies who play at koronafrykt. In a world where it appealed to the dugnadsånd and solidarity, it is unethical in such advertising message even more prominent. It happens with such companies is that they often get a short-term rise in sales, but a more long-term decline in reputation, ” says Thorbjørnsen.

Used for Health logo

Site selling more desinfeksjonsprodukter. On the pages of the online store, where you can buy a face mask and 100 milliliters desinfeksjonsflasker to 199 million, was the logo of the FHI and the ministry of Health.

Right after the decision to shut down the Norway 13. march created founder Thomas holstad has been also the site

Stayclassy.en have now removed the logos of the Norwegian institute of public health and the ministry of Health.

We have not used the logos in the commercial purposes. We wanted to convey the message to the two institutions through a source, says holstad has been.

We are sorry if some have perceived it differently, and logos, is now removed, ” he says.

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