The police of Moscow lives in the mode of isolation of the population — does not check the existence of digital gaps. The musician Yuri Loza stated in his Facebook.

He said that some time ago issued a pass and for four hours my wife and the car went on urgent business — bought groceries at a big chain store and drove them to the cottage. During this time the Vine and his wife met only one police post, which almost nobody has stopped for check the availability of digital badges.

“And for what I’ve done e-pass? Who cares if the police lives in the mode of isolation of the population?” — it asked questions.

At the end of March, as reported by “Rambler” in Moscow because of the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 was introduced a state of isolation. In late April, the mayor of the city Sergey Sobyanin extended until may 11. In mid-April in the capital was introduced throughput mode for the movement of personal, official and public transport. To issue a pass on the website of the mayor, by phone or via SMS.