The jungle camp 2023 is history. Those who still enjoy roaches can keep up with the creepy crawlies at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas. The zoo is hosting a Cry Me a Cockroach fundraiser for Valentine’s Day. Anyone can participate. Whether Melbourne, Malle, Munich.

Here’s how it works: You donate an amount of money and a cockroach is named after someone you don’t really care about. This cockroach with the ex’s name – for example – is then fed to zoo animals. The creepy-crawlies are already dead when they are fed and are included in the zoo’s feeding plan, regardless of the fundraiser, as the zoo management assures.

For your donation, you’ll receive a digitally downloadable Valentine’s Day card informing you that you’ve named someone after a cockroach that was fed to an animal at the San Antonio Zoo.

By the way, last year’s most famous cockroach names were Jacob and Sarah.