the Island of Sakhalin is one of the most extreme points on the map of Russia. A place that is famous for its unique scenery, delicious seafood and miraculous herbs.

If you ask the locals that tourists bring home from here, you will definitely hear about caviar, crab, scallops, shrimp, halibut, fern, wild garlic, burdock, sea grapes and kimchi. Sakhalin sure that their kitchen is the best. And to prove it, has launched a gastronomic marathon called “feel the taste of Sakhalin”. The uniqueness in the products from which meals are prepared.

“Seafood and wild plants – that’s our “thing” – confirms the Deputy head of the Sakhalin tourist information centre Olesya Koryakina. – We were visited by representatives of major tourism companies from Japan and all of them mentioned that we have a very delicious seafood. This is because we are further North, colder sea. And such wild plants as on Sakhalin, there is nowhere else. Our geography, the climate, everything contributes to the diversity of these cultures.”

First run was about 13 restaurants, but, for various reasons, be included could not all. In the six institutions. But they were prepared perfectly, each has developed its own unique menu. From a reading of the names of the dishes already inflames appetite: potato soup with grilled octopus and nettles, Seth “Oriental snacks from wild plants”, risotto with red caviar, red soup, seasonal fish, cooked over a campfire with roasted new potatoes, seaweed the sea of Japan and bearish onion, Sakhalin flounder in a sauce of wild berries with herbs. Just more than 30 items at a price from 250 to 1 350 rubles.

“the Cost of meals depends on their complexity, explains the President of the Association of restaurateurs of the Sakhalin region Valery Kovalev. – Probably, someone from restaurateurs then leave in their establishments for the dishes you will enjoy the greatest popularity. Maybe they will be some seasonal suggestions.”

“When the ban will be removed completely, I think the tour operators very actively involved in the story, – says Olesya Koryakina. – Hardly it will be gastrotomy, but a visit to the institutions and the tasting menu marathon travel will offer optional”.

the end of the quarantine the organizers of the festival for another reason. Plans to diversify its program various activities. Yet among these, only jokes in social networks, the winners are the restaurants participating are treated free of charge. But if the prohibition of mass events will be removed, it will be possible to arrange workshops. And to finish the marathon, dream of the organizers, I would like some big festival day Sakhalin cuisine in the town square.

“With all this coronavirusth story of the summer, we could not focus on the classic tourist products and routes. Therefore, it was decided to shift and to offer an interesting project in the field of gastronomy, she stated Koryakina. – Preparation time took a little bit. About a month and a half. During this time we collected participants formulated the concept, developed the signature style, shot the food.”

“Not that it’s a completely new format for us, but nothing of this magnitude has not happened. So, of course, the marathon is a special event – said Valery Kovalev. With its help we are able to introduce our guests, those tourists who will come to the island with the peculiarities of the Sakhalin cuisine, to brand her. To show its Sakhalin”.

1. Swim in two seas in one day – in the Japan and Okhotsk.

2. Try gigantic oysters the size of two palms.

3. To visit the Sakhalin regional Museum is one of the most interesting in Russia as part of the exhibition, and architecture.

4. Take a picture next to one of the 232 falls.

5. Enjoy the view of the city from the height of the largest in the far East of the ski resort Mountain Air.

6. To try miracle (quickly and effectively reduces blood pressure) berry Krasniqi, which locals call “klobouky”.

7. To visit the lighthouse Bay is a unique facility, built on a small rock in the open sea.

8. Walk along the waterfront of Nevelsk and make a photo with the sea lions.

9. To attend a free international film festival “on the Edge”, which flock to the stars of Russian and world cinema. This year it will be held from 22 to 30 August.

10. To try gastronomic marathon “feel the taste of Sakhalin”.

From Moscow to the heart of the island region – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – you can get a daily direct flight. Travel time will be 8.5 hours, and the return ticket cost about 25 thousand rubles. Also to fly to Sakhalin from Novosibirsk, Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Khabarovsk.

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