Cars Autoscout24, the largest platform for car ads in Europe, and has recently published its annual statistics have been published about the search behavior of the online tweedehandskopers. The pop poll is based on the last eleven years (!) in favor of the BMW 3 Series, and by 2019 had to be premiumberline be more recognized in the other a German slokop: the Volkswagen Golf.

Although the figures in some of the countries ‘distorted’ by the chauvinist side-effects – for example, in Italy, is nothing better than a second-hand Fiat Panda, and while the French, most of all, have a Renault Clio on the head, a tap – in of the rest of Europe is just one big constant, which is to take the tweedehandskoper are looking for still believe in the value of the German pre-owned cars.