For the gallery

the Temple and create a gallery on voluntary donations, the amount of which has exceeded 3 billion rubles. Funds credited to the Bank accounts of the charity Fund “Resurrection”. According to its head Alexander Kanshina, the money for this construction was made by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, members of the government, deputies of the state Duma, the Federation Council, the Russian and international public organizations, prominent figures of science, culture and art. And, of course, thousands of ordinary citizens who cherish the memory of the soldiers who saved the world from fascist plague. The list of donors, according to Kanshina have on the Fund’s website and will be included in a special book that will be forever kept in the Temple of Victory.

Photo: Alexey kudenko/RIA Novosti the Kremlin said about the continuation of preparations for the Victory day Parade

According to the defense Ministry, to date, collected more than 7 million photos and more than 27 million data about veterans and home front workers. Earlier, the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu said that the gallery “memory Road” is supposed to commemorate the feat of 33 million participants in the war. “Tell them about the means to immortalize their names, to preserve the history of his family, our multinational country”, – said the Minister. In addition, the gallery will place the land with military graves in Russia and abroad. According to Shoigu, the memorial complex will give people whose relatives were missing, and those who do not know the place of burial of the war dead, the ability to remember them, to lay flowers and light candles. This opportunity will provide the relatives of members of other fights and battles, including in Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam, Angola and others.

Photo: Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation Declassified military archives about the liberation of Budapest 75 years ago

May 9 this action will not stop. Data collection will continue in order to “Road of memory” does not exist anymore. A branch of the Central Museum of the Armed forces in the Park “Patriot”, according to Shoigu, should become a center of spiritual and military-Patriotic education, not only soldiers but also all citizens of Russia.

in the meantime, continues to raise money for the construction of the temple and galleries. The Bank account to which we should send donations, you can find on the Internet, typing in search box “Foundation Sunday”.