In the remote Chukchi village Ilirnej of the Bilibino district, for the first time in 25 years in the summer, landed a passenger plane. This event became possible thanks to the reconstruction of the runway. Before getting to the village only a Mi-8 helicopters.

the First summer flight of the local airline on the route Keperveem – Ilirnej has made the aircraft the DHC-6.

“for the First time the plane landed in the national village on a dirt surface. Earlier April 22, 2020 was made a flight on the same route, but with landing on a snowy runway surface”, – is reported on the website of the administration of the Bilibino district.

the journey Time is 35 minutes, ticket price in one direction – from 5000 rubles.

Reconstruction of the runway was carried out in 2019. The cost of resettlement in Ilirnej and one village of the Island amounted to about five million rubles.