their relationship Michael Wendler (47) and Laura (18) share extensively on social media. The controversial Couple with an age difference of 29 years, demonstrated with photos and Videos again and again of his love. Laura also takes after about nine months of relationship, no sheet before the mouth, it proves, once more, in a question and answer session in Instagram.

On the platform, the girlfriend of the stars the burning questions of the Fans. As a follower asks the student whether Wendler was a “passionate Lover,” she replies without hesitation: “Yes, he is.” A Detail that did not want to know many Users, probably, not so precisely.

Laura may begin with “younger men not so much”

Laura is evident in the Clips, Instagram also to the age difference in your relationship. “If you fall in love with someone, then it doesn’t matter how old he is,” explains the 18-Year-old. “Plus, I can start with younger men, not so much. I think there’s a lot of women are on my side and see the same.”

the “she loves the DJ”singer is almost 30 years older than you, doesn’t bother Laura in the Slightest. Also the Wendler is completely satisfied with his relationship and already considered in the TV to the Hand of his loved one to stop. Said to “RTL”, he: “I could make Laura a request in the “summer house”, which I have already contemplated.” Whether the Couple is engaged to be married to the soon-to-be appearance in the Reality show “the summer home of the Stars” – really? (kad)