The federal, state and local governments will receive around 850 million additional tax revenues from the gas price brake. The relief benefits should be taxable for higher incomes.

According to a media report, the federal, state and local governments will collect around 850 million euros in additional taxes as a result of the gas price brake. This is reported by the editorial network Germany (Friday editions) and refers to circles of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

The federal government’s plans envisage that the waiver of the gas advance payment in December and the gas price brake planned for the coming year should be taxable for people with higher incomes. According to the report, this means a tax plus of around 500 million euros for federal states and municipalities. The federal government will therefore receive around 350 million euros in additional income.

The gas price brake is financed by a special fund worth 200 billion euros. According to the report, the taxation of the gas price brake for higher incomes means that money from the special fund flows into the budgets of the federal, state and local governments.