The year 2021 did not go particularly well for Lufthansa either. Although the state has already given the airline plenty of support, the board members are now also to receive a bonus.

The members of the Lufthansa Executive Board should also receive a bonus for the crisis year 2021, when the airline received billions from the state. This was reported by the Düsseldorf “Handelsblatt” on Tuesday with reference to corporate circles. At a meeting in early December, the supervisory board voted for retrospective bonus payments in the millions for the years 2021 and 2022.

According to the information, the payments for 2021 are also controversial in the supervisory board because Lufthansa had received billions in aid from the federal government to prevent insolvency as a result of the Corona crisis. According to the “Handelsblatt”, some members of the supervisory board on the employee side voted against the bonuses and criticized a violation of the conditions of the state rescue package.

A Lufthansa spokesman told the “Handelsblatt” that the bonuses that have now been decided will only be paid out from 2025. Therefore, there is no violation of state requirements. This is also evident from a report commissioned by the Supervisory Board.

In the pandemic, the group had made billions in losses. The federal government temporarily stepped in as a shareholder with a rescue package. In 2022, the situation of the group improved noticeably. In September of this year, the state sold its remaining shares. Just a few days ago, Lufthansa again raised its profit forecast for this year.

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