In January 2019, under the son of former German International Maurizio YB writes, after half a year without a club. Too easy for Bayern. At Chievo Verona failed. Only in St. Gallen he played on a regular basis. But YB? The first thought: Too easy. Especially since immediately before with Sekou Sanogo the fighting machine par excellence YB had to leave. And then comes the next Gaudino (22), the feather light…

winner of the injury crisis

In the first half of the year, he is only a complement to players. The nothing more is the case of YB, as many think. You think wrong! Because, and so is football: Gaudino is using the absence of many injured – and due to starts. “YB is ideal to develop,” says Gaudino. And That he was happy about the times to use.

the Three championship games he plays virtually. The two goals he makes. Coach Gerry Seoane is full of praise for the “new” Gaudino: “Clearly he will never have the combat behavior of a Sekou Sanogo. But he is making progress. In terms of aggressiveness and two fights. That he can play Football, we know. He is the kind of player that you love. These technicians, the disappearance in modern football, more and more, because the sports are living more and more of the dynamics.”

More than 10 pounds

60 kg, the weight of the young man, as he was preparing to Pro. Light as a feather. 15 kilos he was. Competition weight, this is essential. But this is the one. On muscle mass the other purchase. “There is a lot behind it in strength training,” outlines the German the Basis of its progress. “We are working in this area individually, takes Seoane closer. “A Jean-Pierre nsame power, for example, much more Training needs with regard to quick steps. Gianluca takes, however, longer stride length, more strength in the thighs.”

strength training is one thing. But not the only one. “It is also helpful to work with my mental coach and the video material of the coach staffs, for example. Before the game against Sion, when I came from the left wing to use, I also got in this way, valuable ideas,” says Gaudino. Hoping to be able to in the case of YB one day play an important role.

Or better yet, Not once. But today, against the Rangers. Of all things, so against an extremely physical team. “The are very durable and can with their combative style of every opponent in front of problems,” says Gaudino. The victory against Feyenoord say a lot.

Should lead Gaudino, of all things, against the Scottish champion YB for the win – it would be the definitive coming of age of the magic foot.