Who doesn’t remember the century game in the Cup! GC against FC Zürich, March 2004, 6:5 after extra time. GC, the hard tower and coach Geiger are out of the house. However, in the Final of the great disillusionment follows. The Hoppers lose against the later Relegated and Nobody FC Wil. Unbelievable. And the mere cost of the Job: a violinist needs to go in the hopper.

“This is my last memory of GC,” says the current Coach of Servette, which has led to the perky newcomer in fourth place. “And of course it is not a good one.”

With GC historical reached

With the people of Zurich Geiger also connect other Souvenirs. Those as a player. “GC is a part of me – is inside of me,” he says. For example, because of the qualification for the Champions League in 1995. It was the first Time that could heave a Swiss club in the Belle floor of the European football. To “play at home against Maccabi Tel Aviv only 1:1. However, in Israel we 1:0 win, and were in it. The who is an incredibly emotional Moment,” recalls Geiger. brought To

GC is a certain Erich Vogel had him. “He called me and told me that he is in desperate need of a veteran. He would offer me a two year contract as a player and then a contract for two years as a coach.” The bill was for GC. With Libero Giger qualified for the Premier class, took the 1996 title, and again the Ticket for the Champions League. And coach Geiger was after only a year at the top of the U21 new NLA Coach at Xamax.

“, GC is soon played back”

Back in the present, in which Servette a few months ago, still in the Challenge, and GC in the Super League. Now have crossed the paths of the two most decorated Swiss clubs. GC is down, and Servette at the top: “This is kind of strange,” says Geiger. “But it will not be for a long time. The League will be smart enough, the Super League to twelve teams increase. And then GC is quickly back where it belongs.”

more Attractive football in Servette

at The Moment, but Servette has the nose front. And mixing it up with his healthy offensive style the top League. “What we have achieved so far, is good,” says Geiger, without any hint of euphoria. “The most Positive thing is that we have realized that we need to change our offensive style of play. We go with plenty of impudence in the games and have the momentum of the ascension on the inside. So this goes on.”

The is in Cup cracker against GC, if a Team with two stars pushes on the chest, such as GC (for a minimum of twenty titles) on a Team with a star (at least ten titles) on the Jersey, not a bit different. In the preparation of the clubs met to a Test, in which the “Grenats” with 1:0 interspersed. Geiger: “The fur was flying too. GC against Servette is not any game in the Swiss football. Not in a friendship game, and certainly not in a sixteenth-Final of the Cup. Never”