The quality of Russian football is gaining in popularity, and now there is no where else in Europe we play football for. The national federation of the country in the last week of the new tv contract with ten foreign firms have closed, including some in Russia, India, and Israel. “This is a very unusual situation,” what it sounds like.

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In the republic of belarus, this weekend is the second round of the programme. President Alexander Lukashenko does not see any reason why not to play football. Drink a lot of vodka, go to sauna, and work hard,” he said, his fellow-countrymen for it. “You can have a better standing in life than to kneel down and die.”

BATE Borisov and Dinamo Minsk are the two best football clubs of belarus, Russia, have, in the past few days, a lot more followers on social media to be received. “It is our hope that all of the attention of our players and motivates them to get better is to play football,” says Alexander, Stroke, a spokesman for Dinamo Minsk. “They are in the world.”

At the Ukrainian channel Sport-1 they are very happy with the results and that they are in the belarus league is in their package. “We did not expect them to have a decent level is going to make it. We didn’t know that until we get the league started to send out”, you hear the sound of it.


the Canal+

the Joy is in Belarus, so to say. In France, the football clubs are at the hands in her hair. According to a report in L’equipe is the channel Canal+ is not going to be the sum to € 110 million from the tv contract this season, has to pay for it as long as it is not being played.

Canal+, which would apply normally to april 5 to transfer, but the Ligue 1 is down to the coronacrisis. A downer for the club, which is 36 percent of their income to be dependent on the tv money. Canal+ anticipates the French and tweedeklassers of 548 million euros, while the remainder of the tv contract, worth 759 million-will be paid for by beIN Sports.