Five minutes are played, as Gelson Fernandes rises badass in the fight, a Vaduz on the Shin caught, and quite rightly so, the Yellow card looks. International Hardness? “I thought I should put at the beginning of a character,” says Gelson after the game.

His coach Adi Hütter told him to break, he had to watch out for. And he, Gelson, replied that he will take no second warning.

It is against the Challenge League team is no reason for it. To is the class difference in the 5:0. “That was very very focused, confident and also in this the amount of money earned. We have not allowed much,” says Hütter.

just a few kilometers from Vaduz, is located in the province of Vorarlberg, Hohenems grew up. When asked about this, the Ex-YB-Trainer but irritated: “I have concentrated solely on the game.”

“That was awesome”

And a home game he had with the Frankfurt-had Fans anyway. “What did the today, again, was fantastic.” Also, Gelson’s overwhelmed: “Many of them work at seven in the morning to sit and then five hours in the car and drive here.”

About 2000 in the stadium for an impressive atmosphere in the first half, Vaduz-Goalie Benjamin Büchel, the hot-blooded trailer in the back, and looks promptly in the case of the first goals is not good: “This had nothing to do with the fact that I’ve been nervous,” the Liechtensteiner. He had also played in front of so many Fans.

For the return game in a week and are then expected to be about 40’000.