In Rapperswil, in Kriens and in Vaduz, rubs his hands. The Challenge League is looking forward to GC. The record champion will likely be the splash of color, and audience magnet of a League that spends most of a step-motherly existence.

Thorsten Fink is watching from the distance, meanwhile, be transferred on a monthly basis 44 000 francs salary. Many others are after these months and years of mismanagement in the great house GC also still on the wage list.

mortgage, the ascent complicate the Mission again. But here’s the next danger lurks. Because some service providers (although the term service provider in connection with GC is actually a grotesque) leave the club.

Forte must this team stabilize

the next miscalculation would be, if you have the feeling, the direct was re-ascension with a predominantly young staff. The squad of the next season needs to be significantly stronger than the current one.

The realized town rival FCZ during his descent. And the immediate return, with coach Uli Forte managed. Because one thing is clear: The Challenge League is looking forward to GC. But even bigger will be the same for every club in this League, the Schadenfreude, if you can provide GC for the Mission, climb a leg.

The challenge for Uli Forte will be playing in the last four of the season now is to stabilize this team and to brake the free fall.

Otherwise, he’s been ample to beat in the new season. And President, Stephan Rietiker, has recently spoken of the Vision of the Champions League, must accept that the two letters CL have different meanings. For GC, you mean Challenge League.

The descent is fixed to 99.99%. The big question mark: Which players will stay at GC? 13 of 28 professionals at the end of the season without a contract. Either you are a loan player, or if their employment otherwise ends. And the Rest of it? The should bleed! How to VIEW reported, there are in the Challenge League wage losses of up to 50%!

goalkeeper Lindner, this season the only constant, is the end of the contract. The Central defender Nathan and Ajeti are available for rent. The contract of Captain Sigurjonsson, is also the legal defender of Lika, and the injured Kastrati. So far the most disappointing in the Bundesliga, on loan from Ravet and Caiuby to be sure. And the rest of the offensive forces Ngoy, Tarashaj, Mallé and Pinga are the only players out on loan. GC is well-advised to retain the Team Leader, Basic (contract up to 2020) in the long term. Perhaps with a follow-on contract as a Junior coach. (mk)