Christian Central was known as the ‘fool from Randers’ last year during the Tour de France, where he saw the stages, while he was dressed.

on Tuesday, he pulled again in the costume, but this time with an entirely different purpose. He believes that there are some in Denmark who deserve the thanks.

he tells This Thursday at B. T.:

“I’m sitting at home, because I’m a chef, so I needed a break from the daily routine. Then I talked with my daughter about what we could make, and she thought it was a good idea to give a thank you to those who keep Denmark at the time. So I jumped in cykeldragten, and put me up in the biggest roundabout in Randers with a sign which read thank you.”

Christian Central is 47 years old, and he lives with his two children and wife for life.

the Chef from Jutland, adding that people have shared opinions about his costumes, but he chooses to ignore.

“I like the part where I’m a simpleton. I am not thinking so much about what people think, and if I can give a little smile here and there, so I’m very happy.”

Christian Central says, that he was really happy and proud to shrove Tuesday. Here would his daughter like broadcloth out of his father.

‘Fool from Randers after Tuesday’s action at the roundabout in Randers got positive calls. For example, called a nurse and said thank you.

While he himself does not work, use the Christian Central time to teach his daughter, who is not in school at the moment.

the 47-year-old Christian Central has a call to the people:

“I think one should be proud, if you are not like all the others. It is also why I like to get a break by being a fool from Randers.”

Familiefaren says he got over a thousand comments on Facebook last summer, after he had become known.

“I read them all together, even though my wife said that I had to be ready to be hurt. And there were maybe two that were tough, but otherwise touched me.”

Christian Central and her daughter was also passed police stations and hospital to say thank you with a painted stone earlier in the week.

Mette Frederiksen, said Monday at a news conference that Denmark may begin to open up again after easter.