on Wednesday the Kiev police force extinguished “food riots” capital entrepreneurs, marketeers. Protesters came to the Cabinet, demanding the opening of markets and shops starting may 1. Otherwise they will not survive. The traders are protesting not only in Kiev but also in other regions of Ukraine. In Poltava held a rally under the slogan “For saving small business”, and in Khust in Transcarpathia blocked the border the road Mukachevo-Rohatyn-Lviv. Easing of quarantine measures and the opening of markets on Tuesday also demanded in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, in Kamianets-Podilskyi, Khmelnytskyi, in Bershad and Tulchin, Vinnitsa, Chernivtsi and Kherson.

People are pissed off that the goods they offer and grown personally, freely sold in retailers networks. And the people outraged by the “special rules” for people close to Zelensky. In the heart of Kiev, Lva Tolstogo, 43 fancy restaurant “Velour” throughout “anticreasing” quarantine continued to work. Investigative journalists who were on duty at the entrances to Velour than a week, recorded the incoming, outgoing very famous people from the entourage of the President of Ukraine. When a scandal erupted, the owner of pub Deputy VR from the “Servants of the people” Nikolay Tishchenko declared: the restaurant is really nothing more than… “the headquarters of salvation of Kyiv”, which is why it is not overgrown popular trail. And all these days with a full load worked kitchen (with tightly closed other restaurants-competitors) is because of the abundance of orders with delivery to homes of wealthy residents and in airports.

the people of Ukraine, all references to “wealthy people” is now exasperated. For a short period of time when Ukraine finally admitted the reality of the pandemic COVID-19, or way of life of its inhabitants has changed beyond recognition. Industrial enterprises are totally or partially suspended business activity. Small and medium businesses for the most part “closed”, hundreds of thousands of people were forced to sit without work. In the cities banned the operation of farmers ‘ markets, residents refocused on existing supermarkets. Prices are for natural products significantly higher than that of traders in the markets of private entrepreneurs. Owners of public catering points began to be fined for the removal of even a few servings of brewed coffee.

According to the published data of the State employment service, starting March 12, the Ukrainian unemployed has increased by 127 thousand people. Every second lost his job during a national quarantine.

– the plant “Khimmash” on the job only employees of the plant now go, – told “MK” Sergei V. – Papers and transferred from office to office. Manufacture firmly “becameabout anchored”. The owner of the plant “runs” from Kiev once in two months, he’s not even reported on the closure of the company.

From the people rid of different ways. Someone dismissed” by agreement of the parties” that someone “in connection with the expiration of the employment contract” or because of “unemployment for over one year.”

According to the information of the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada on human rights, Lyudmila Denisova, 11 percent of Ukrainians fired on their own, 7% – “in connection with changes in the organization of production and labor”; and the rest were unemployed because of other reasons.Those who have registered in the employment Service in the previous month, paid on the average on 4 thousand hryvnias ($146). As of April 28 such citizens there are 432 thousand; this is 38% more than it was a year ago.

the day before yesterday After mass protests in Kherson, where farmers violently resented throughout the closed markets and the loss of sources for their own existence, the government of Denis Smugala “Majesty” was given an indication about the gradual opening of farmers ‘ markets. Sells them people reacted ambiguously. Part of small entrepreneurs, as it turned out, opposed to “simple” they were paid at least the same 4 thousand hryvnia per month, and the rent of trade places at least for thischance. The majority of such trading amount is not enough, especially if they have dependent parents with a pension of 2 thousand UAH ($73) plus their own children.

“I want real milk and cheese – writes in social networks Valentine Clavical. – Sour cream from the market want a home, not chemistry!”. “All this profanity with quarantine is that one is allowed to make, while others can not, – said Andrey Kraevsky. All that earns the shopkeeper goes to the pocket of big hitter.” “You need not open the markets and to buy farmers’ goods to vegetables and herbs are not thrown into the trash. They loans for seeds took…” – reminds Anna Ivanchenko. “We should definitely open! – said Olga Septenary. Villagers who work on the ground support; and supermarkets and so well earned.” However, judging by the abundance of ads “Sell”, “rent” in Zhitomir markets, entrepreneurs do not really believe the native state EN masse and in a hurry to sell their own “familiar” trading places.

meanwhile, in Ukraine revived the robbers. Kiev and other burglar, in advance Zapatrina special flashlights and pocket lasers, even in conditions of quarantine (when landlords presumably stay home) manage to get myself something “to feed”. Thieves can easily “Shine” video surveillance and penetrate into the apartment. To choose the right place to “work” the flats thieves help subtle images and symbols from DVof Yeri. For example, “there lives the businessman”, “the apartment will be available in the morning”/”… the night”, “the kids in the morning alone”, “lonely woman”, “need a crowbar”, “protected”, “fighting dog” and other. Are superfluous and secret agreements with security companies. In the slang of burglars it’s called “sell the apartment”: over-budget when the owner failed to heed the recommendations of the “private Sheriff” and stingy on the installation of some expensive auxiliary devices. In agreement with the “foreman” thieves searched the apartment at the agreed time is “unguarded”. Naturally, over a certain amount in dollars or euros.

by the Way, the quarantine period was marked by a significant drop in the cost of rent Kiev apartments. For the first time in the last 20 years it has become possible to remove odnushku only 5 thousand hryvnias ($183). For $ 219 you can live in a one bedroom apartment, however, is Western renovation in “Khrushchev” housing. From 296 to 329 dollars, you can already rent a two-bedroom apartment not in the “killed” area. The demand for rental housing has fallen for four reasons. First, not to Kiev in an effort to save money for a period of quarantine moved to native land. Second, from the capital went to non-resident students. Thirdly, well paid job, have lost their former tenants Kiev apartments, some of them temporarily moved to the Metropolitan area. Fourth, his apartment began to take even those residents of the most prosperous in the country town who had not engaged in such. Their motto not long ago was formulated by President Vladimir Zelensky: “Now we have to survive, then taxied…”.

paradoxically, but jumped in price rent of country houses. For example, to live a month in the Peter and Paul Borshchagovka – now costs no less than $2000. People with more modest capabilities can move to a distance of 50 km from the capital: it offers finished houses and 3 thousand UAH. per month ($110).

More or less backed Kiev, having lost the ability to fly to foreign resorts without hesitation agree to rustic options.