More big stars have gone down in pay, but Fifpro-the boss fears that wage compression can hit the players with a low salary.

It is far from all professional football players, as superstars download huge millionlønninger for their work.

Therefore, many professional footballers not be able to afford to go down in salary as a result of coronakrisen.

It assesses The International Spillerforening (Fifpro) in a time when the pressure on the football stars about to go down in salary takes.

According to the secretary-general of the Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, there are many professional footballers who do not earn more than what corresponds to a general average wage in the respective countries.

– most players can only hold to a pay cut, as a regular employee can. Many players income is not at the level that people think, says Jonas Baer-Hoffmann.

the Secretary-general explains that many of the football players will be hit hard, if they must go down in salary.

– throughout the world there are football players who maintain a minimumløn, and for them a reduction in wages have drastic consequences in relation to just to be able to pay the bills and buy groceries, says Jonas Baer-Hoffmann.

Coronakrisen has naturally led to a huge economic pressure on the entire sports world, because the tournaments, leagues and competitions in general is quiet, and thus is not earned money.

It affects the majority of the sportsaktører at the moment, and the big football stars in the Italian and Spanish clubs have recently accepted a temporary pay cut.

It is also done in other countries, and in recent days have put pressure on the stars in the Premier League.

on Friday, announced the Premier League, the English clubs will try to get the players to go 30% down in pay.

It came to pass, after the british health minister, Matthew Hancock, the former has appealed strongly to the English football stars.

the Players must, however, first be consulted, and PFA must Saturday, to meet representatives from the clubs and the league to discuss the proposal.