Focus (Germany): we are obsessed with sugar. Six ways to outsmart your body and lose weight

Sugar makes people fat, spoils the teeth, disrupt metabolism and harm the intestinal flora. A lot of people who would have refused him, but not in forces to cope with the craving for marmalade and chocolate. Passion r Sahara to overcome difficult — but can you outsmart your own body.

Ice cream is not so good without frosting, cakes covered with an additional layer of powdered sugar, and homemade cakes are made to roll in the vanilla sugar. But those who daily allows himself so much sugar in the future problems may arise.

the fact that nearly every product produced in the industrial way, is too big a dose of sugar — and it carries health risks. Sugar leads to excess weight and thus provoke cardiovascular disease, increases the content of glucose in the blood, which can lead to diabetes. In addition, he “feeds” those intestinal bacteria which are harmful to the digestive system and cause a person to gain weight. And he feeds bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities.

the Sweetness of sugar, we feel in the brain

we Usually try to avoid these harmful substances. But in the case of sugar, this mechanism works differently.

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And here are the reasons why:

the Sweetness is the only taste, provoking the release of dopamine and sugar is the only remedy for this. Sweet substance priodic into action a reward system in the brain and causes a feeling of comfort

— Like a drug, sugar causes the desire for more.

most intensively the reward system works when sugar is combined with fat. This explains our love for chocolate and cream cakes

— the Desire to eat something that causes a feeling of comfort, does not depend on feelings of hunger or satiety. It is a matter of pleasure,

Italian researchers have come up with this term “hedonic hunger”. Joy at the sweet taste “off” feeling of fullness.

Sugar the body will never say “enough!”

the Desire to eat something sweet has been linked to the metabolism. When we open a chocolate bar and can’t stop until you eat the whole bar at once, or when we put our hand in the package of gummy bears until it is empty, it is connected with sugar level in the blood.

the Flow of sugar gives a signal to the pancreas, and that secretes insulin. This hormone runs in the cells of the body, and the body gets a fresh energy. However, the effect does not last long: the energy coming from sugar, it dissolves as quickly as it appears. And the body wants more sugar.

First of all, “quick energy” coming from sugar, appreciates our brain. One only gray matter needs approximately 20% of all energy that we receive per day. Under stress this number is still growing.

the Body does not need sugar it gets it from carbohydrates

however, nutritionists say that our body does not need sugar. The necessary glucose it can get from any source carbohydrates, though not as quickly.

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If radically to abandon the consumption of sugar, the body will easily transfer it — in contrast to our psyche. Have someone used four times a day to eat sweets, it may appear withdrawal symptoms: irritability, fatigue, and headache. And taste buds will need some time to get used to the lack of sugar in the diet, for example, unsweetened coffee or to natural yoghurts.

elimination of sugar will benefit the health and shape

after three or four days free from unnecessary burdens metabolism and stable blood sugar levels will thank you with extra energy and a better quality night’s sleep.

a month later, the skin will become more even and smooth, because sugar causes inflammation and pollution — and now it’s gone. Slow heartbeat, stabiliziruemost pressure. Considerably reduced weight and overall physical condition will improve.

in addition, you will not get the pleasure of sweets as before, and eventually sweetened products will begin to seem cloying taste buds.

How to outsmart a craving for sugar

to make it easier to survive the first weeks without sugar, you will help tricks that simplify the diet.

— Move! This will help you to relax will reduce stress and will benefit the body.

— Think of something to do. It is better to go to a concert or to the theatre, not in movie, because the theater can not eat.

— Keep fruit. Let you in the bag, in the car or in your Desk drawer are not chocolates and fruits: they are sweet, and if the peel is edible, it will provide you with beneficial dietary fiber.

— Eat cherry tomatoes, or mini carrots. They will be sweet and healthy snack.

— Keep peppermint. Unsweetened lozenges will give you fresh breath and a pleasant feeling in the mouth.

— Sour instead of sweet! Food with bitter taste would lessen the desire to eat something sweet, because it affects the same taste buds. Olives, walnuts, chicory: try — it’s worth it!

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