Like every day, Flydubai also operated flight FZ1942 on October 27th. On that day, the Boeing 737 Max with the registration number A6-FED was en route from Tashkent to Dubai. But the journey did not go as planned for the 172 passengers.

When the Boeing 737 Max was just over Iran, the captain fell unconscious, according to the Aviation Herald, a portal specializing in incidents. The copilot therefore applied for an unscheduled landing. The plane therefore landed safely in Shiraz around 50 minutes later.

One of the passengers on board did not feel safe at all. A 19-year-old Israeli woman visited her family in Uzbekistan. And she wasn’t just a normal traveler, she was a soldier.

Therefore, for them, the landing in Iran was dangerous. The Flydubai plane was grounded in Shiraz for more than nine hours before it could continue.

For the woman these were anxious hours. Because Iran and Israel are declared enemies and the soldier ran the risk of being taken prisoner.

As the Times of Israel newspaper reports, the young woman called her parents and told them about the situation. They in turn informed the Israeli secret service Mossad.

The matter even reached Prime Minister Yair Rapid. According to the newspaper report, he was in the process of signing an agreement with Lebanon.

The secret service contacted the soldier. She was instructed to keep her identity secret and to use a foreign passport.

Apparently she also had a Russian passport with her, which she showed to the authorities. Finally, after a few anxious hours, everything turned out well.

The Israeli soldier managed to get back on the plane and fly undetected to Dubai and from there to Israel.

The plane was grounded for so long because it had to continue flying with a backup crew due to the captain’s illness. It finally landed in Dubai about eleven hours late.

This article was written by Laura Frommberg

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The original of this article “Landing in Iran becomes a war of nerves for Israeli soldier” comes from aeroTelegraph.