the Parade started from Novospassky pier towards the center, the distance between the vessels was almost a mile long. “Look, bright river buses went – pointing to the novelty of last year, one of the organizers of the parade. Is their first and last in this year’s route. The owner felt that the new standards of passenger accommodation will he at a loss: each bus carried 44 passengers, and when the new race is placed less than 20”.

As told “RG” Deputy head of the fgbi “Canal. Moscow” Vladimir Stormin, in normal years, from 24 April to 24 June Moscow time ships to transport 470 thousand passengers, of which 85 percent of pleasure fleet. “If in the remaining two months of the same move – it will be great, says Sturman. – And the fleet a third less, usually in summer goes over 160 ships. This has advantages – on the river will be less dirt and congestion”. The capital’s Deputy head of the GBU “Gormost” Arthur Lezin reassured that the losses of the shipowners, the passengers will not affect: “the Schedule is made, the ticket price remained at the same level as last year, says Lazin. – Everyone at the entrance to the ship will measure the temperature, to check the presence of masks and gloves. On the deck and the piers need to keep your distance. Each ship after the flight the team will be disinfected”.

Just this season to run is 106 ships that have passed accreditation and comply with all the recommendations of the CPS. To go from 41 vessels will berth. They are located not only in the centre but on the outskirts, for example, in Brateevo, Kolomenskoe, Troitse-Lykovo.

While the owners think, than to attract the public, the city authorities plan to equip the berths. “This season started, together with the diptrans Moscow work on the introduction of a single standard of quality and safety of marinas, says Lazin. The current piers became obsolete, the ship has to wait standing under the open sky. We deliver canopies, benches, small architectural forms. While there is a pre-project”.

the ticket Price: children’s – from 290 rubles, adults – from 400 RUB.