It’s a girl! Although it is not Royal offspring. This birth is a first. At least for the long-distance bus providers Flixbus, also connects cities in Switzerland and Europe. Zenep, as the little girl called, came to travel from Barcelona to Brussels on the Bus to the world.

It is the 8. May. At about 3.30 a.m. alarm, the two flixbus driver the French rescue service. The pangs of a Mitfahrerin be getting stronger and stronger, you need help. You went out to a gas station at the highway station Ressons (F). “The birth on the Bus was with the help of the paramedics,” says Flixbus-speaker Martin Mangiapia to VIEW.

18 years free

trips can The little girl and his parents would have “probably” in a hospital in Compiègne (F) are to be supplied. “The fresh-baked family is well.” The more than thirty other passengers, who were at the time in the Flixbus to Brussels, of course – at any time, so Mangiapia.

In a media release, Flixbus, sent today, Tuesday, announces the long-distance bus providers, to celebrate the “happy event” and the Premiere in the Flixbus-history duly. It is a small gift to get Zenep-free travel to the 18th century. Birthday.

What is the nationality of the girl does not have, whether Spanish, French or Belgian, could the speaker answer.

To the little girl the free rides bus alone can perform, but it surely still take a while. (uro)