The choice has decreased. Nevertheless, Russians can still fly non-stop to 35 countries – for example to Ethiopia, China, Israel, the Maldives, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

Conversely, many people still travel to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.

Business with international flights to and from Russia has not come to a standstill despite Western sanctions.

From January to September, the number of passengers increased to 21.7 million, as reported by the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to official figures. This corresponds to an increase of 11 percent.

However, the previous year was still marked by the pandemic in Russia, which dampened the desire to travel. The figures also include one-way flights by people who have left the country.

In Western Europe, passenger numbers rose by more than 20 percent in the same period.

However, Russian airlines benefited less from the still considerable demand for flights between Russia and abroad given the circumstances.

Their passenger numbers fell 16 percent to 13 million. The foreign airlines, however, increased significantly. Instead of 4 million, they carried 8.7 million travelers to and from Russia. A total of 39 foreign airlines are still active in Russia.

This article was written by Stefan Eiselin

The original of this article “Passenger numbers increase surprisingly significantly” comes from aeroTelegraph.