The Airbus A320 was on its way from Santiago de Chile to Asuncion in Paraguay on Wednesday (October 26). When he wanted to land, however, the weather was nasty with strong winds. The cockpit staff therefore aborted the approach at an altitude of around 340 meters and continued flying to Foz de Iguaçu in Brazil, where the jet with the registration number CC-BAZ landed safely.

After a little more than three hours, the A320 flew back towards Asuncion. However, the weather hadn’t really gotten any better. A violent thunderstorm with hail now moved over Paraguay’s capital. This led to severe turbulence on the second approach.

The situation was apparently so delicate that the cockpit crew prepared the 48 travelers on board flight LA1325 for a difficult landing. They were ordered to take up the security position. In the end, Latam’s machine landed safely on the runway, nobody was injured.

On the ground, however, it became apparent how severely the hailstones had hit the Airbus A320. One engine was so badly damaged that it failed. And the plane no longer had a nose. The entire radar dome (in the jargon: radome) has been knocked off. It contains the weather radar and other instruments.

This article was written by Stefan Eiselin

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On Friday evening, a small plane en route from Mexico to Costa Rica crashed. On board was McFit founder Rainer Schaller and his family, as well as his assistant and a pilot from Switzerland. According to his daughter, he should never have “taken a risk”.

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The original of this article “Airbus suddenly caught in a hailstorm and badly damaged” comes from aeroTelegraph.