Flight Neo from the Matrix noticed in San Francisco

Eyewitnesses filmed the work of film crews over the fourth part of “the Matrix” the Internet has got video of a pair of Neo jump off the roof of a skyscraper in San Francisco. So was unusual: he lost his traditional black cloak and dark sunglasses. Sometimes this dangerous stunt even reminiscent of a flying Superman. “And it’s awesome and magical” — share their impressions of the witnesses.

faces of Neo is almost not visible, but eyewitnesses claim that this is Keanu Reeves, and not his backup Chad Stahelski. However, judging by the video, not all of the filming goes smoothly. On the set of Keanu Reeves dressed in jeans and a green jacket. The image of Neo complements the black hat on his head. But this outfit the actor is clearly better than the one in which he was in Ukrainian textbooks. Also eyewitnesses saw the shooting of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne moss on a motorcycle in the area of North beach.

the continuation of the trilogy it was decided to withdraw in the summer of 2019. Warner Bros. planned to complement the “Matrix” sequel and a prequel. None of the new movies will not be a reboot of the existing film trilogy. In this case, said “the Russian newspaper”, the sequel trilogy is expected to scale. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne moss will return to his characters Neo and Trinity. The intrigue rests against Lawrence Fishborne. But agent Smith in the sequel will not be exact.

the movie should be out may 21, 2021. Writer and Director of the project became Lana Wachowski. The film will play well as jada Pinkett Smith, Yahya Abdul-mateen II, and Neil Patrick Harris.

the Operator of the fourth “Matrix” will perform John toll. He has directed such films as “Iron man,” “the Last samurai,” “Vanilla sky” and “Cloud Atlas”.

the First sci-Fi Thriller “the Matrix” was released in 1999. The new series will appear 18 years after the completion of the existing trilogy.