may 2 organized by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation export flight Delhi-Saint Petersburg-Moscow returned Home 270 Russians. However, most of asked to take them home Russians still waiting for their turn in the quarantine of India.

after Talking with the lucky ones who managed to get to the coveted Board, the correspondent of “MK” has learned what cost them the road home.

Recall: April 25, the Internet spread a video in which 100 Russians lined up in front of the hotel, which for more than a month waiting to return home, and presented his appeal to the country: “today, in the Delhi district is 602 Russians, 100 of them in front of you, 50 of which are over 60 years old. Our tickets for the canceled dates are not cancelled, but flights to Russia. There were only two – 25 March and 1 April, of course, in all places is not enough. Embassy of the Russian Federation has placed us in a hotel where we have already closed the month. None of us got sick, no one has symptoms of coronavirus or SARS. Half of the prisoners are elderly, have chronic diseases that require medical monitoring and medication. Buy drugs is not possible, delivery to the hotel is prohibited, both in and out on the street: European can just arrest.

Authorities have heard the cry for help from Delhi in a week, appointing export flight on the morning of 2 may.

– Initially, my trip to India was planned for 2 months – says angelina from St. Petersburg. – Our group came in February, when nothing presaged such a harsh turn of events. Lockdown caught us in Vrindavana that was our luck – this place is 3 hours from Delhi.

– Export the flight free of charge?

– “air Astana” our flight was canceled, and the money is not returned. We had hoped that we will remove for free, but alas, tickets had to buy. But most importantly, we finally took off! The hassle, of course, was enough in fact to export our last flight was April 1 for him to buy a ticket we just don’t have time…

How was the flight home?

– No queues, unforeseen surcharges, and even without delay! I want to thank the employees of the Russian Embassy in Delhi, they are doing everything possible to soon return of all compatriots home. And thank you to all the employees of the airport of Pulkovo for the fact that he had met on the positive! The procedure of arrival, of course, tired, taking 4 hours. But nothing could spoil the joy of returning home. At the airport we ran tests for coronavirus, checked all the documents, distributed on buses and were taken to their homes and places of observation. And the plane flew on to Moscow.

Released from the plane among the first Petersburger Natalia believes that service to meet compatriots prepared with dignity:

In the waiting area stood a seat, which was convenient as we had to takeelk to wait for each swab to kovid, draw up the regulation about the isolation, the medical examination and surveillance. When all have undergone this procedure, were invited to passport control groups in regions that were arranged. Most of my friends in advance have taken care of insulation on arrival: filmed in Peter’s apartment for a few people. In visual observation went, people from distant regions, which have not sent the transfer. Judging by the feedback in the chat, with the terms they are lucky, they are all happy.

On how the Board reached the capital, says Larissa from Yaroslavl:

– I was lucky to be in Delhi, but many are trapped in the villages and remote corners of India, almost outside of civilization.

How did you find out about export flight?

– I was just lucky! I was in chat, where stuck in Delhi compatriots about this subject. And in our private group someone wrote that on may 2 will be the flight to Moscow 15 minutes before this information appeared on the official channel! And when she showed up, half the plane was already full. And in 10 minutes the place in General is over! Full the plane was registered in 25 minutes! I managed by a miracle, as I rushed to register as soon as I saw the message. Further, our Embassy started to make lists of registrants to issue passes for travel, because free movement in India is prohibited. But with the pass we encountered a problem: they were ready only 17 hours before the departure. So our team from Mumbai and later went to flight did not.

– On-Board export flights all the same as on a regular?

Almost, only we had very cold and blankets were not issued, although they were asked. Said that because of the virus. Although strange, the blankets can then be disinfected. When we landed in St. Petersburg, went to the salon the woman in a protective suit and measured the temperature of those who took. Then they came and we flew to Moscow.

Moscow is also quickly released from the plane?

– Released on 20 people, I was sitting in the tail, so came in an hour after landing.

– How did you manage to avoid the suburban observation and go to Yaroslavl?

– a few days before departure I asked my friend to contact our Governor. Told her about what I know and what Yaroslavtsev will transfer. And indeed: at the airport I found the Yaroslavl group of 6 people and took in our dedicated minibus. They arrived quickly and comfortably.

You were taken to their homes?

– No, first brought to the hospital. There checked the documents, we signed a waiver from the hospital and went home.

residents of the regions who landed in Moscow, came to the reservation in the suburban home of otd��ha and very happy:

Rooms are clean and bright, shower, toilet, TV and wifi, for dinner was given a Caesar salad! – share experiences Siberians. – Only on the street does not produce and knives prohibited in a mental hospital. Pineapple can’t cut up!