Five higher educational institutions of the capital joined the educational project Future Tech. The list of participants of the Russian Academy of national economy and state service under the President of Russia, Moscow Institute of Radioengineering, electronics and automation (MIREA) Russian University of technology, Moscow technical University, Moscow state University of food production, as well as Moscow state technological University “Stankin”. The students got into the program, will be engaged in project activities, solving real business problems. The goal of Future Tech is to prepare a demand for personnel for promising sectors of the economy.

the program of the Future Tech is already involved one thousand students and young professionals who are involved in over 200 real-world business problems. They are involved in the case, Championships and other events on seven different areas: medicine, industry, education, ecology, transport and logistics, Finance, information technology. The teachers in these schools can become experts in inter-University case competition Future Tech, and students to post their projects on the platform of the Future Tech.

a Technology company working in the framework of Future Tech will be able to get acquainted with innovative projects and their authors, to find solutions to urgent problems and business development. From the beginning of 2020, the programme has been more than five meetings in the universities, 11 of online events and seven workshops. They were joined by representatives of 250 companies and about 1,3 thousand students.