A handful of danes have been picked up by the Defense and brought for examination or treatment for covid-19 at the nation’s hospitals.

It has happened in the smittesikret air transport in ‘adult-incubators,’ informs national defense.

Five times since 17. march is the Armed helicopters thus relieved from the starting points in Roskilde, Skrydstrup or Aalborg to download the danes suspected of corona infection, information.

Two of the corridors have fartøjschef for the rescue helicopter EH101 Ole Andersen has been in action.

“When it is a place in the country where you can’t run plain ambulancetransport, then we come in the game,” he says, and explains that it is first and foremost about situations where there is a certain pressure of time.

This applies, not least on the islands, such as Bornholm, Ærø and Læsø island, from which it can take a long time to get to the larger hospitals.

Ole anderson was to move the first patient under the corona-suspicion, as the Defense had to deal with.

He was flown from the island of Bornholm to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

29. march we went to Ærø, where a patient with possible covid-19 was supposed to Svendborg Hospital.

Although it is to be a part of preparedness also, under normal circumstances, Ole Andersen, with a variety of different tasks, is it still something special to transport a corona-patient, it sounds.

“To deal with an infectious person is not something you just do,” he says.

First and foremost, adult-kuvøsen, the so-called EpiShuttle, in use.

It is designed to create a negative pressure, which ensures a smittesikker transport from the patient’s home to the treating hospital.

Kuvøsen thus ensuring that Ole Andersen and the rest of the crew does not personally become a part of the almost 900.000 persons in the world who are confirmed infected with the covid-19.

however, There are also other precautions to take.

Inside the helicopter is shielded by, such as the pilot and the medical staff as well as the special equipment for the transport, coming from Præhospitalet in the central denmark Region, are separated from each other. It minimizes the risk of infection further.

it Had to happen to the patient along the way require treatment, for example, due to a cardiac arrest, so must kuvøsen opened.

But in this case, all the protective equipment is taken into use. Suits, gloves and masks is ready.

The constant infection is Ole Andersen and his colleagues ‘hysterical note’, is it.

Right now want Ole Andersen greater capacity for preparedness. For when the alarm goes, and the helicopter within a district then must be in the air, then tour by the Aarhus university Hospital, where the great EpiShuttle to be loaded.

For there is only the one.

Only when kuvøsen is on board, the tour goes in haste to the patient.

Adult-kuvøsen is, however, absolutely necessary, and it is the detour past Life therefore also.

“If we transported patients without, they were packed into, would personnel and the vessel come in quarantine.”

And so there would not go long before helikopterbesætningerne would not be able to maintain their task performance.

In practice, however, not the case of many minutes ‘ delay, recalls, Ole Andersen on.

if you Ask Ole Andersen is so far full control of the situation, and he is not even worried about being infected.

“I’m completely calm,” he says.