A seven-year-old girl and three other people were shot dead after a funeral in London on Saturday. They were taken to a hospital by helicopter and ambulance

After a funeral service in London, four women and two girls aged seven and twelve were shot and injured – the seven-year-old was life-threatening. As the police in the British capital announced, the shots were fired on Saturday in front of a Catholic church near Euston train station. “Preliminary investigations indicate the shots were fired from a moving car,” the Metropolitan Police said. The car then drove away from the scene.

The four women injured in the incident are said to be aged 21, 41, 48 and 54 and are hospitalized. Her injuries are not life-threatening, police said. The 12-year-old has already been released from the hospital after being treated for minor leg injuries.

“Any shooting is unacceptable, but the fact that several people, including two children, were injured in a shooting in the middle of Saturday afternoon is shocking,” said Police Representative Ed Wells. Local officials and specialized investigators are involved in the investigation of the incident.

An eyewitness told news website MyLondon that the shots were fired as mourners released doves after a service for a mother and her daughter. Priest Jeremy Trood told the PA news agency Sara Sanchez, 20, and her mother both died in November. Sanchez reportedly died of leukemia, her mother arrived in London from Colombia and died of a blood clot after the flight.