Without waiting for recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, the fitness industry has introduced its own measures to restore the work in a phased lifting of quarantine measures. One of the expected proposals is to allow including group classes outdoors. Trainers themselves believe that no such measure hardly will allow fitness studios earn at full capacity, but will enable operators to hedge against forced return visitors funds for services not rendered during idle time.In the disposal of “b” was a letter addressed to the Deputy head of the Ministry of the Russian Federation Azat Kadyrov, where the National community of professional participants of the sports industry offer their recommendations for organization of trainings in the period of gradual removal of quarantine measures. This list consists of only three points. The most important of these is to allow the group fitness classes outdoors, respect for social distance.Community invited to open fitness studios and sports facilities provided that the owners will provide all epidemiological measures, including requirements for staff and visitors-processing of hands with antiseptics, wet cleaning of rooms, equipment and bathrooms every three to four hours. In addition, it is proposed to hold classes in the closed space based on 3 square metres per person (in normal times, this figure was 1 square metre per visitor).“B” sent a request to the Ministry of sport. In the national community reported that all comments contained in the letter. It says that the industry requires urgent anti-crisis measures, including recommendations on the work of sports clubs and fitness studios after removing the hard measures of forced isolation of citizens in the background of the fight against the pandemic COVID-19.Market participants do not accidentally boost the development of recommendations for the sports industry after the lifting of restrictions, said a representative of one of operators of fitness studios that are members of the national community. “We looked at how the CPS without the involvement of specialized companies developed recommendations for the resumption of food service establishments, sanatorium and resort hotels, and decided to pre-empt the Agency is proposing its own measures,”— says the source “b”.Restaurateurs and hoteliers have called these recommendations a shot in the head, because their observance does not give the possibility to bring the facilities to a breakeven level of operation. So, the restaurants after the lifting of the isolation regime can only open small establishments (up to 50 sq. m each), taking no more than a dozen visitors at a time. With the improvement of the epidemiological situation, this number will grow to 20 people. And resorts the CPS recommended to place tourists in the Spa atcriteria shifts for 14 days. Campers must stay in single rooms, except family members. However, the interlocutor “” from among the representatives of the fitness industry also doubts that the proposed branch measure to hold sports activities in the fresh air will be effective. “First, in Moscow, the Moscow region and some major cities parks, where possible, these classes will open in the first place,— he believes.— Second, most of the visitors comes to a fitness Studio for training on simulators. Third, given that during the quarantine, a host of mobile apps for individual sports, it is unlikely that the visitors of fitness clubs want in droves to go to outdoor-training”.This option will allow companies to offer visitors in the form of compensation group lessons in the fresh air, he concludes.Sports industry, including fitness, was included in the list of industries affected by the current crisis. The authorities promised government support to such companies. Among the possible measures — tax breaks and incentives for loans.In early April, representatives of the fitness industry has offered the authorities to introduce a moratorium on lease payments or subsidize them (the planned amount for this purpose — more than 9 billion rubles). Well as operators of fitness studios asked for a moratorium on immediate refunds on advances, deposits, unrealized services for the duration of quarantine for 120 days after completion (total liabilities of operators in the event of the bankruptcy, 40 billion rubles). Industry also requested subsidies for wages and 9.8 billion rubles for the second quarter of this year.Khalil Amine