the Clamour by the Northern norway art museum in Tromsø continues, in the wake of the deposition of the director Jeremy McGowan.

on Wednesday afternoon draws parts of the board of directors in protest against the decision.

“We’re not behind the decision of a board majority has done in the matter, and believes that this case has been handled in a very bad way from the board of management. Therefore we draw us from our positions,” writes board member u. r. Nango, member of the board Inger Blix Kvammen and styrevaramedlem Trygve Luktvasslimo in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

award-winning museum

Jeremy McGowan has been a director at the Northern norway Art museum in Tromsø since 2016, and last year he got åremålet extended for a further two years.

During the McGowans leadership, the museum has been awarded a number of times, not least for his work with the sami art. But he has also been controversial, not least for the project “Equal-Betzy”. Here was the statues of the polar adventurer Roald Amundsen and major general Carl Gustav Fleischer in Tromsø and Harstad wooden boxes around their waist to put the spotlight on the forgotten female artists.

the News that the director had to stop on the day beat still down like a bomb in the arts-Norway Monday ettermidag, not least because the chairman of the board Grete Ellingsen would not explain why McGowan had to go.

Now letter the departing board member u. r. Nango a bit on the veil. To the NRK explains the Nango board of directors at the museum of fine arts has been heavily disagree about Jeremy McGowan has the skills to be the director or not.

in my view, he has a high level of expertise artistic set, and he has not done anything wrong. And considering what he has achieved through the four year, so it is completely irresponsible to not extend the director’s contract, ” says Nango to NRK.

In the letter, type the outgoing board members:

“We feel that the artistic direction the museum has taken under director’s leadership has not been emphasized in the discussion in the board of directors, in which we look at with concern,” writes the outgoing board members in the letter.