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On the 14. October, about 9.5 million people in Bavaria are allowed to choose the new Parliament. There are four different ballots: slips of paper for the first vote to the state election, a second vote for the state election, a first vote for the district election, and a piece of paper for the second vote for the district election.

The first vote in the state election has a special meaning: it is used together with the second voice to the calculation of the seats in the Parliament – unlike in the General election.

With the first vote to select a candidate from their constituency in the Parliament. The candidate with the most votes in the constituency in the Parliament. A total of 91 seats in the Parliament are occupied.While in the case of a Federal election, the Seating relationship of the parties by the second vote is determined, this is at the state election in Bavaria, in a different way: First – and second-be the voice together, and together the proportion of Seats of a party.In the case of smaller parties, it often happens that you get more votes only as a second vote. Since both votes are added together to determine the distribution of seats, get seats, often less, than you to direct mandates are entitled to. You may, however, still moving in as a Deputy in the regional Parliament – as an overhang mandate.Exception: not Reached, a party to the 5-percent barrier is not allowed to move among the constituency candidates (first vote) in the Parliament.State elections in Bavaria: How work the First and second voice?

FOCUS Online/Glomex state election in Bavaria: work As the First and second voice?

frequently asked questions first, I must agree with the First and second of the same party vote to choose? Yes, with the first vote you choose the direct candidate and the second voice, she weights a candidate within a party.How many crosses can I do? You may only make one cross per ballot paper, otherwise your selection is invalid.What time is the first projections and forecasts? At 18 the choice to include local – then there’s also the first forecasts. They were determined on the Basis of surveys. The first high bills, there is, as soon as the first ballots are tallied, and the result was given by the returning officer. Sven Schulz is The only deciding vote in the state election in Bavaria on the seats

Here we explain, whether the cell phone is allowed in the voting booth or not.

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