no, we don’t miss the Roar of the boxer engine, as we heat on this glorious Sunday morning in the snow electric Porsche Taycan Turbo S white almost silently over the Silvretta-high Alpine road. For the up the hill panting cyclists about but in a very practical (and safer) if you were already warned earlier by the right engine sound of our approach, whipping a sports car. With unequivocal Gestures of the one or the other afraid Hobby”Gümmeler angry” when Overtaking.

For us, at the wheel of the first Porsche electric cars roads, the journey on the part of narrow mountain (see Box) but a joy. It’s hard to believe how nimble and agile the elegant, after all, 4,96 Meter long, 2.3-ton, four-door model in the many cells Return shy.

bring To the people of the first electric Porsche closer, drives a Porsche with 18 pre-Taycan 18 days across Europe. To 6440 km-long Road-trip to the Mecca of Norway was started in electric. Then go through nine European countries to the target to Stuttgart (D). VIEW went with the eighth stage from Dornbirn to Innsbruck. Around 360 kilometres through beautiful high Alpine roads, interrupted by a charging stop at the Arlberg Tunnel to the Ionity-Charger-try out the fast-charging station and to experience how quickly the Taycan can charge thanks to the system voltage of 800 volts and a maximum charging power of 270 kW his batteries again. Only: for some reason, the Taycan am Arlberg invites you to “only” around 150 kW. However, the battery is charged less than a 20-minute coffee break from 41 percent to 80 percent (for a good 300 mile drive).

Deviant acceleration

all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering contribute much. But the two E-motors with a total of 761 HP and 1050 Nm. From the state-of-the Taycan Turbo S (the Turbo and Turbo S sprints to describe only the power levels, turbo technology can be found with E-motors) in 2.8 seconds to 100 kph. The acceleration is electronically limited at 260 km/h electronically. We have not tried on our trip in Austria, of course. However, we were calmed by a policeman in a “noise” in the 50s Zone, stopped and-due to the high Tempo (but not too much noise!) with 35 Euro fined.

Typical Porsche Feel to it

Well, in this Porsche, you feel immediately probably. The interior, with the slightly curved Cockpit and three screens, optionally, a fourth for the passenger, suggests typical Porsche Feel to it. Logical, therefore, that at the Start of the E-machine on a button to the left of the steering Wheel must be pressed. The seats are comfortable, even the back. And the trunk is surprisingly large, and for emergencies there is under the front hood, an additional Luggage compartment. The range is the Turbo 450, the sharper the Turbo S is still 412 kilometres. Together with the fast load times so is absolutely sufficient.


We do not summarize our Trip with the words of a colleague: “The Taycan is definitely the most sensible electric car. But he is the most sensible way to drive a Porsche.”

2 electric engines with 560 kW (761 HP) and 1050 Nm, 2-speed automatic, 4×4 performance: 0-100 km/h in 2.8 s, top 260 km/h (electronically limited) mass: L/B/H 4,96/1,97/1,38 m, unladen weight 2295 kg, the trunk 81+366 l consumption: to 26.9 kWh/100 km, range 412 km, the price: ab 237’500 Swiss francs (Turbo 680 HP, from 194’900 Swiss francs)