It came to an agreement, Gantz met but in the evening again to negotiations with the right-wing conservative Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Both have expressed the intention of a large coalition of Blue-and-White, and to make Netanyahu’s Likud.

Later in the evening, the President’s office informed Reuven Rivlin then, Gantz and Prime Minister Netanyahu would be given a further 48 hours, to form a unity government. Gantz had applied for the extension in the case of Rivlin “with the support” of Netanyahu, informed the office of the President. Rivlin voted in favour of the petition under the condition that both leaders were close to an agreement on a unity government, it said further. On Sunday, Rivlin had stated that he will give the mandate to the Knesset, should Gantz a successful formation of a government.

Fourth election since April, 2019

threatens the mandate Lies with the Parliament, can try any member – even Gantz and Netanyahu, to find, within 21 days, the support of 61 of a total of 120 parliamentarians. He then has two weeks to forge a coalition. If this fails, then Israel must choose for the fourth Time since April of 2019.

representatives of the Likud and of Blue-and-White had negotiated up to the last. A Central point of contention in the negotiations, according to media reports the claim by the Likud, a right of veto in the appointment of judges. In addition, Netanyahu, therefore, wanted a guarantee that the Supreme court may refuse him the office of the government by chiefs, because of his corruption situation.

the President refused to request an extension of the deadline from the

Gantz had asked at the weekend Rivlin to an extension of its deadline by a further two weeks. However, Rivlin had rejected it on Sunday.

Israel is managed since end of 2018, a transitional government headed by Netanyahu. On 2. March had chosen the citizen recently a new Parliament. There was again no clear winner, but Gantz was more recommendations of deputies the mandate to form a government. He strove against the Background of the Corona-crisis, a Grand coalition with Netanyahu, although this is accused of corruption in three cases. As a Protest against a part of the Alliance of Blue-and-White forked off.

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