The First Lady of Ukraine tweeted a photo of a Ukrainian couple badly injured by Russian shelling. The picture and the accompanying words touch thousands of users.

With just one picture, Olena Selenska shows how much suffering the war is causing in Ukraine. On Friday evening, she posted a photo on Twitter of an elderly couple seriously injured by Russian rocket fire.

The First Lady of Ukraine wrote: “Heartbreaking photo. The rocket destroyed this couple’s home. It robbed them of their happy, carefree future. But there is something that Russia could not take away from them. each other. I am often asked where I get the strength for my daily struggle. There is only one answer: in our people.”

The tweet was liked and commented on tens of thousands of times within a short period of time. The photo was taken by the award-winning Dutch photographer Eddy van Wessel. The photojournalist has been capturing the horrors of war in black and white images for months. The Dutchman had previously been to numerous other crisis and war regions of the world: in the past fifteen years he has traveled to the Balkans, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, several states of the former Soviet Union and Afghanistan. He also documents the war in Chechnya with his camera.