First donated he 19.000 pound to a hospital in London, now he sends so pizzas in the hundreds.

Premier League-player Dannny Rose will do what he can to help in the battle against covid-19, so he did not feel it was enough to send over 160,000 crowns of the place. Now follow the food, and if more is needed, he stands ready.

Receives the North Mid Hospital is not randomly designated.

Before charlie was sent to Newcastle on a lease and was still in Tottenham, he was treated for an injury at this hospital, thank you for the many pizzas on Twitter.

The 29-year-old profile explains that he is ready to do what he can to get to grips with the corona disease.

“We are all eager to do something. I can only talk for myself, but I will not have any problems at all to give any of my salary to the people who are fighting in the front line, and others who are directly affected by what is happening in the moment,” he says to the BBC Radio 5 Live.

Right now rages a debate over whether the players in the Premier League must go 30% down in wages, and Rose tells that players have long been in discussions about a pay cut. Also before the debate reached out and it was a criticism of the players.

“We feel in a way, that we are standing with the back against the wall. There were talks before people outside of the soccer ball commented on it,” saith the one, who in any case does not seem to have problems saying goodbye to a part of his salary.