Fires in Chernobyl made Kiev the city with the most polluted atmosphere in the world

Kyiv became the city with the most polluted in the world due enveloped the city smog. This is evidenced by Visual Air service, which publishes data on the state of the atmosphere on the website in real time.

According to 00:30 Moscow time, the index of air pollution in Kiev was 196 units, while in some areas of the city it reaches 343 units. In normal times it does not exceed 150 units.

according to the publication “Strenia” direct cause of air pollution started fires, which resumed in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl NPP (ChNPP) on April 16 due to the swept area of a sand storm. From the exclusion zone could come along with the wind.

the city Authorities have asked residents not to open Windows, not to go out and to drink more water and to humidify the room. Inhabitants of Kiev complain of strong burning smell in the air and the smoke.

Earlier it was reported that rainy weather helped to stop the spread of fire in the zone of alienation in Chernobyl, which the rescuers struggled for almost two weeks. The fire moved to the left Bank of the Pripyat river, up directly to the nuclear plant and storage of radioactive waste. A former village near the plant burned down, destroyed the Red forest. According to preliminary version, caused several fires.