Allan Farms were for a good five months ago fired as sports director in AaB and recently told in an interview with the North, that he once again is about to be ready for a new job – at the same time he told that he is again going to be the father.

Here a few days after he was so ready for a new interview with Viaplay Sport Live, and here it emerged that the wife is… five months pregnant, and he couldn’t help to make fun with.

Farms tells at the same time, to familieforøgelsen was not expecting that, but:

“something like this happens obviously, when you have plenty of time. But it is fantastic. My wife is five months pregnant now,” he says in the clip, which you can see at the top of this article.

Here, he also check on what he is currently using the time while he is waiting for the right offer and child number two.

“Actually, I have in recent times spent a couple of days a week as a management consultant/communications advisor, where I have tested the part of, and I’m also beginning to find out what I should spend my next time on. And it can be wide,” he says, and does not rule out a return to the soccer ball.

Farms tells that there also have been inquiries from fodboldbranchen, but nothing has yet been of a character, where he will turn to.

Gaardes successor, Inge André Olsen, began in fact, in his new job today and has been interviewed by B. T. in the context of a juicy transferrygte.