Batteries are hazardous waste because the raw materials they contain can be valuable but also harmful to the environment and health. That’s why most shops have standardized collection bins where you have to dispose of the batteries free of charge – they don’t belong in the household waste under any circumstances.

But no one has to go to the next store because of two old batteries. These are often collected somewhere until “it’s worth it.” However, there are some mistakes that can be dangerous.

It is important that you do not keep the old batteries at home forever before sending them for recycling. Otherwise, the substances may leak, these alkalis or acids have a caustic effect and are harmful to health.

There is also a small risk of fire when storing batteries and accumulators containing lithium. It is best to tape off the poles here to prevent metal contact. The biggest problem is when the batteries are stored incorrectly. The most common mistakes are:

Therefore, regularly take away the old batteries instead of collecting them in a large container. Devices that have already expired must still be placed in the designated collection containers.