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– A forest fire will lead to a large accumulation of people, both of their own crew and civilians. Since it will increase the care, it is a goal to bring down the number of such møtepunkter, ” says the fire chief in the Fire department South Knut Berg Bentsen.

In the previous week introduced the ban on bonfires, as well as flat – and bråtebrenning at the inn – and the outlying areas.

This applies to municipalities seeking energy independence, Kvinesdal, and Farsund, norway, Lindesnes, Hægebostad and Åseral. The exceptions are places where there obviously is no danger of fire. There may be areas with snow or islets without vegetation.

the Fire brigade in the South will politianmelde the use of open fire that leads to call-outs.

Brannsjefen says the ban is an abandoned, both because it is dry and to prevent infection to the crew, since it can go beyond emergency preparedness and response.

– We must have a certain size of the crew on all of our 15 stations, ” he says.

Several people have been quarantined, but so far it should not have gone out over the emergency preparedness and response.

the fire chief in the Fire department South Knut Berg Bentsen says that they have a big focus on keeping the crew healthy during the koronapandemien.

Photo: Fire department in the South Bans in municipalities in the south of norway

Drammensregionens the fire service has also introduced extended bålforbud before the annual ban will take effect 15. april.

2. april, it was forbidden to light a fire in forests and rangeland in Drammen, Lier, Øvre Eiker, Sigdal and Krødsherad.

the main Reason is that it is very dry. The grass from last year can easily take on guy, ” says head of department of preventive department Inge Wergeland.

In this area, there is also provided exceptions in places where it obviously is not a fire hazard.

Inge Wergeland in Drammensregionens fire department says that they also have taken into account that there probably will be more people looking in the area now since many can’t go there, they usually tend at easter.

Photo: Drammensregionens Fire IK Asks people to be cautious

While some have forbidden, only other ones with requests.

the Fire department in Kristiansand and Fredrikstad are asking people to be cautious when using open flames.

Nedre Romerike fire and redningsvesen and Inner Østfold county fire and rescue do not want a fire at all.

All points out that it is important to avoid unnecessary call-outs now.

the Danger for forest fire in several places

According to the, there is the danger skobrann multiple locations in Agder, Vestfold and Telemark Oslo, the Creek and the Inland.

the Danger of forest fire was also in april of last year. Then there were several large forest fires, among other things, in Sokndal in Rogaland and in seeking energy independence in Agder. The latter falls under the Fire department in the South.

It was difficult fires that was going on, ” says Bentsen.

He hopes nothing similar happens in the year.

the Fire department in the South has also stopped the activity that gathers a lot of people. There is no brannøvelse with it first.

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so it out in Sokndal in Rogaland 23. april 2019.

Photo: Stine R. Rørvik / NRK Will provide municipalities with extended authority

the Directorate for civil protection and preparedness (DSB) also believe it is important to prevent forest fires now.

Therefore, they have proposed to give municipalities expanded authority to impose a local ban.

today they can only impose a local prohibition if there is a big fire hazard, and this can only apply in the vicinity of the forest and other uncultivated land, ” says the director in DSB Johan Marius Ly.

He says it is urgent to get done something with this.

Now, there are factors other than just the fire hazard that enables the citizens do not have to make up a fire or make fire. As a result of Korona-the situation needs the fire and redningsvesenet prioritize the most important tasks, ” says Shelter.

the Proposal is now to the treatment in the ministry of Justice and public security.

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