A dog owner leaves his four-legged friend in the increasingly hot car while he cools down in the leisure pool. Finally the fire department has to arrive.

On Whit Monday (May 20th), the Plettenberg (NRW) fire department was called to a parking lot in front of a swimming pool. Because while a bather is refreshing himself in the cool water, his dog is suffering in the car, which is increasingly heating up.

On site, the emergency services found a dog in a car. The police tell the fire department operations manager that the vehicle owner did not report despite several calls to the leisure pool.

The fire department tried to gain access to the vehicle using a window opening set – but these attempts were unsuccessful. Since the animal’s condition was visibly deteriorating, the decision was finally made to provide immediate access.

To do this, a small window pane in the front of the vehicle was broken. The witnesses immediately gave the dog water. A thermal imaging camera measured a temperature of 55 degrees in the vehicle itself. After the dog was freed, the owner returned to his vehicle. The police took further action.

Not only the fire department, but also the ADAC expressly warns against leaving animals or children in the car when temperatures rise. The temperature in vehicles can rise to sauna level within just a few minutes. Then there is a danger to life.

A study by the ADAC shows how hot it really gets in parked cars.

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