It’s not just the first snow that heralds the approach of the holidays: the unveiling this Tuesday of the trailer for the film Sapin$ by Stéphane Moukarzel also prepares people’s minds for Christmas.

Sapin$ tells in a comedic tone the stay of Rémi (Étienne Galloy) in the Bronx, one of the boroughs of New York, where he sells Christmas trees. Without a work permit, he took the job to pay off a debt “threatening his future.”

There he meets a deadpan French activist (Laura, played by Diane Rouxel) and discovers local residents with whom, we guess, he will become friends.

Sapin$ is directed by Stéphane Moukarzel, who co-wrote it with Germain Larochelle. The film is produced by Maison 4:3 and Couzin Films.

He will take the stage, it’s arranged with Santa’s elves, on December 22.